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Mark Smith Takes home the "Cup"

Mark Smith Takes home the
Mark Smith wins his second Kramer Cup event.

Mark Smith won the 3rd annual Kramer Williamson Memorial at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night.    The prestigious "Pink Kramer Cup" trophy is a very special trophy that everyone has their eye on,    Mark has won two of the three Kramer Cup races.   Robbie Stillwagon won last years Kramer Cup race.   

The Williamson Family would like to thank Kelley Long of Selinsgrove Ford for all her hard work for a terrific parade thru the town of Selinsgrove and her day of fun and games at the dealership.

Thank you to Selinsgrove Speedway for having this memorial race for Kramer.    Thank you to all the race teams who put their cars on display at the dealership on this very hot day. Thanks to all the competitors and we can't forget the fans who came out to this race.   It was sweet seeing all the pink shirts in the stands and pit are area.    We can't thank everyone enough to for all the support over the past few years.    Racing families, fans are the best.  

I did notice there was no pink sky on this night.   I was a nervous wreck as Our daughter Felecia was to be driving the Pink Panther for the parade lap for the sprint car feature.    I think Kramer was a little nervous too and that is why there wasn't a pink sky.   But Fe did a wonderful job and I was very proud of her and I know her daddy was proud of her for doing this.   

Thank you again to everyone for a wonderful memorial race.  Congratulations to Mark Smith for taking home the CUP 🏁🏁🏁




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